Privacy Policy

Possible needed information

When placing your order, we can ask some private information i.e. name, telephone number, e-mail, etc. We will require this information for securing communication. You can use our site and remain unidentified.

Information usage

Given information will be used only in following approaches:
– Creation of private accounts for normal working with our site.
– Service developments
We want to render the best services. Hence we need an individual opinion of the clients about the quality of our services.

– Contacting you
Information regarding your internet identification is required to reach you and to present the platform for reply in case of presence of some confusions or to clarity.

Security of information

Our company’s team use 100% protected servers devised for maintenance of total safety of all data filed in them. All payment information goes through an SSL system (Secure Socket Layer). We never save or cache information on our computers.

We can guarantee your data confidence. Only authorized personnel have permission to obtain the required information.

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